• SCR motors Import Export Co.,Ltd.

    13/06/2017 02:38

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    Company’s Target and Intentions:

    1. We lead to the fullest in the service of import and export in all kinds of goods, products and items with hassle free from immigration to custom with legal clearances as a package per document to be properly declared.
    2. We expand for the benefits of all our valued customers from other countries not only in the neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and etc.We have also service in importing and exporting all kinds of products not only cars but also boat engine for constructions and industry. Such as, machine, appliances, consumer goods and raw materials for the mining and industrial institution. You just simple name it and have it.
    3. We are also an agent for buying and selling cars, boat and engine in brand new or in a second hand conditions. As though, we even know many suppliers all over the world besides we are also aware on how to deal auction negotiation particularly Japan, Europe and other more. Hence, we would want to serve our valued customers the simplest way around. Since then, we can be the bearer on how to buy and on how to purchase the said items/product then we make sure to transfer to your destination with hassle free.
    As we mentioned above, we have the said storage/stock container wherein your orders to be kept properly and securely while waiting for the order to be properly delivered with handle and care from the in charge person/office as designated from the management to process everything and recheck as to be completed for sure it looks presentable and adorable as you claim and receive your purchased products/items.