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    SCR MOTORS Company is the only leading company who has been specialized, expert and professional enough in importing and exporting items or products such as CARS, BOAT, ENGINE and all kinds of machine. This company is located in the free zone industrialized estate plus we can easily process custom clearances for legal documents as we deal through the logistics/cargo outside Thailand or even WORLDWIDE we serve you dearly.
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    • WHO WE ARE ?

      SCR motors also known as importer and exporter of all kinds of products or any items. Moreover, company caters and accommodates in all your business needs professionally with sincerity likewise hassle free and with easy steps from our well experienced staff in a short period of time to wait. Furthermore, if you would like to order and ask for shipment to your destination locally and internationally then we can do it for you smoothly. We provide all the documents needed from immigration to custom clearances for you to be checked and declare it as yours legally. Aside from that, the expenditure for the said shipment would be inclusive from and to your destination especially to those neighboring countries like, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar Vietnam and other countries.
      SCR motors believes that as much as we serve the best level to our customers then chances are we have expanded to other services as well. While we make sure that our customers have been cared and valued, then we also offer you our warehouse for storage purposes in order to make sure of your satisfaction and for the trust while negotiating and engaging with us. The said storage has been offered to insure your products or any items to be kept properly with all the secured legal documents while on the shipment until it reaches to your destination.
      SCR motors committed and obliged of your products/items from using our storage/stocks containers for security reasons and keep trusting us. And so, we provide maintenance staff to really take good care and at the same time we have the factory/ manufacturing services to recheck or even to recondition the saidproducts/items specially cars, boats and all kinds of engine on or before the selling and releasing to our valued customers. Other than that we have this logistic courier for your easy shipment and transfer as you purchase any items and to be delivered to your destination particularly those customers with in Thailand. We have available head truck, trailer or sliding cars.
      SCR MOTORS is one of a kind factory warehouse having well known and standardized with the area of 3 RAI or 0.48 Hectare. However, the communication system in this area is quite convenient plus it is located within the industrial estate free zone called GATEWAY CITY in the Province of Chachoengsao.

    The image shown above is all about the import and export
    SCR MOTORS has been offering services about import and export in all kinds of goods, products or items. Moreover, to process the important documents from immigration to custom for clearances purposes legally besides for the logistics or shipment matters the easiest and the most convenient way to transport the customers’ purchased goods, products or items. And the good thing is we cater with in Thailand and vice versa plus the overseas worldwide.

    The Service Charges and Estimated Price Lists for IMPORT & EXPORT CARS


      We all welcome you here. Feel free to contact and visit us and don’t be hesitate to ask for any inquiries. Indeed, we’re a friendly company to deal with and be one of our valued customers. We also would love to serve you with our deepest sincerity ‘coz we do take good care our customers not only in Thailand but all over the world and our willingness to keep in touch with you to our highest level.
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